Neal A. Puckett, Esq.
Attorney at Law

The Office of the Judge Advocate General of the United States Navy has appointed Mr. Neal A. Puckett, Esq., to the full time position of:

Complex and Sexual Assault Litigation Highly Qualified Expert (HQE)

Defense Counsel Assistance Program

Mr. Puckett provides assistance to the Navy JAG Corps trial defense counsel in complex and sexual assault litigation worldwide in order to enhance their proficiency.   He provides privileged, confidential advice and is a resource for the defense counsel in the field through every phase of court-martial litigation.  He also assists trial defense counsel in all aspects of case preparation, including motion drafting, expert witness preparation, devising trial strategy, assisting with post trial matters and provides advice concerning professional responsibility issues.  The Defense Counsel Assistance Program (DCAP) is a resource center in the Office of the Judge Advocate General that is entirely separate and distinct from other divisions in the Office of the Judge Advocate General.  Mr. Puckett will therefore be on sabbatical from the private practice of military criminal defense law.  The Law Office of Neal A. Puckett, PLLC, is not accepting any new clients.
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